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Getting started with [ANN] Lizus mining

We speculate that this coin will be doubling it’s value within the new few months. The guide below explains how to mine this coin on Nivedia cards.


  1. Download and install the wallet: Windows Wallet or OSX wallet.
  2. Download and extract the miner ccminer: Windows X64 or Windows X86  this is also avaliable for linux on
  3. Choose a mining pool to mine the coin, we recommend a stable pool, with a low fee of 0.3% and hourly payout.
  4. Create a .bat file or download one using Crypto Zone , this website both can calculate your profit as well to generate the bat file for you. The process is shown in the image below


5. Put the .bat file in the ccminer folder and start i. Happy mining!



More information about Lizus can be found here

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